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As a cross border operator, this is your essential road corridors toolbox


Up to date, critical information on:

  • Route planning
  • Distances
  • Estimated journey times
  • Road conditions
  • Location of wellness centries
  • Locations of weighbridges, tolls and contact numbers
  • Location of police stations and contact numbers
  • Documents required at borders
  • Costs and exchange rates
  • Vaccinations required.
“The Africa Road Corridors Handbook have all the facts and figures you and your drivers need for a smooth journey”

The Africa Road Corridors Handbook ensures you have all the key relevant information at your fingertips when travelling through all the major corridors in East and Southern Africa.

Save time and money by having correct documentation, know the relevant border crossing and travel times, updated road condition information and important contact numbers. All this information is now available to you in one easy-to-use digital reference guide.

Download the Africa Road Corridors Handbook at the special launch price of only R349,00 and you’ll have all the latest facts and figures you and your drivers need.

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Book specifications:

Page count: 78 pages
Format: PDF (download)
Publisher: 3S Media
Date published: 5 May 2014